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Every Rose Has Its Thorns: A Handy Guide To Not Getting Pricked

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Flowers usually serve as an instant pick-me-up for me, so it’s weird that receiving these long stem roses would make me feel melancholy.

Let’s be honest, I may have 99 problems, but flowers on my doorstep ain’t even one. Would roses from any other suitor smell as sweet? Rationally, no.

Did I just follow a Jay-Z reference with a Shakespeare one? Ain’t nothing but a G thang.

I need to stop.


With Valentine’s Day coming up, I’m sure you won’t need an excuse to pick up some roses either for your honeybunny or yourself.

A few things you should keep in mind when buying roses:

  1. Examine the edges of the petals to make sure they aren’t browning– a sign that these flowers might have been bruised in transit.

  2. Lightly squeeze the thick part of the flower between your thumb and index finger. The flower should feel hard, meaning that the petals are still tightly closed. Flowers that are too loose will not live as long.

  3. Keep heat away from the roses. This includes body heat from your hands or breath. Heat will cause the flowers to open, and therefore die sooner.

  4. If you are gifting these flowers to a host or hostess of a dinner party, it is rude to arrive with them sans vase. The host should not have to interrupt their activities to tend to your gift.

  5. When arranging roses in a vase, be sure to lightly grasp them to avoid sicking yourself with thorns. Cut each stem diagonally, about an inch from its end, and immediately place the flower in cold water.

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